Street Food Vendors

Some of Ireland's top food stalls

La Tia Juana

Latin Street Food

It was my Grandmother – from the Warao people of the Orinoco Delta – who first taught me to cook using corn (a native crop for the Americas). We used to pick huge avocados and ripe plantain from the rainforest by her home. We would use corn cobs from the garden of Grandfather ‘El Morocho’, along with his fiery chilli peppers, and prepare the food outside. I am so happy to be able to share with you some of the most typical dishes and authentic flavours of my childhood, and of my beautiful country, Venezuela. La Tia Juana's sells authentic Latin American street food.

Ernesto Airfield's Smoker

Overends Kitchen

The flavour of Airfield, showcasing the best of local, seasonal and sustainable food product. Luke Matthews, Culinary Lead in Overends Kitchen will host a weekend long BBQ and grill at this years Festival of Food at Airfield Estate.

Coolagh Smokin Soul

Asado Grill

Smokin Soul pitmasters Pat and Jim bring you the real deal in traditional smoked meats cooked low and slow, beautiful irish grass fed beef brisket cooked for 16 hours, irish pulled pork cooked for 10 hours and the meatest pork ribs cooked for 8 hours all along with the usual finest bbq options.

They'll be bringing food cooked over live fire and hot smoked meats to Airfield Estate along with our all day interactive demos.

Home Fries

Fries & toppings

At Home Fries we pan fry our baby potatoes to a beautifully seasoned golden pieces of potato perfection. Complemented by a great range of toppings and sauces, from festival favorites such as homemade Patatas Bravas and Garlic & Cheese to Chorizo & Roast Red Pepper and Slow Roast BBQ Pulled Pork. All served out of our lovingly restored vintage caravan.

Dutchess Foods


Dutchess Foods is a new family run company making Poffertjes in Ireland. Inspired by a trip to Amsterdam where I saw Poffertjes or Mini Dutch Pancakes for the first time, I decided that the Irish were missing out on something amazing and that needed to be fixed, so here we are. We are looking forward seeing the look on peoples faces when they try them.


Vegan Foodstall

Feashty is a vegan pop up food stall based in Dublin. Our aim is to bring delicious, high quality vegan street food to markets, festivals and events. We're big fans of ferments, we pickle our waste veg to make sauerkraut which we use throughout our menu. We also serve our own range of water kefir and kombucha.

Festival of Food

7th & 8th September