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Eco conscious living & how you can help

Minimal Waste Grocers & Producers

Bare Necessities

Eco-conscious food & hygiene products

Bare Necessities sells loose, organic, food staples and hygiene products to help you live a zero waste life. 


Irish wool products

A small Irish company promoting and exhibiting natural Irish Wool duvets, pillows and mattress protectors with a range of Irish made wool throws, scarves,slippers and many more natural wool accessories.

Botanical Soap Therapy

100% pure handmade soap

Each product is 100% natural and lovingly handmade in small batches, using high quality plant oils, butters, floral and herbal infusions and pure therapeutic essential oils. 

Nutty Delights

Edible nuts, seeds & dried fruits

The first and only Nuts and Dried Fruits retailer in Dublin. Aiming to provide the highest quality & premium standard products, delivering only the freshest nuts packed with fresh nutrition and flavor and naturally dried fruits sourced from all over the world.

Woof Stuff

Dog treats & accessories

Award winning low-fat dog treat and pet accessory company. Our inspiration began when we rescued our dog Zuomo from the side of a road when he was just 8 weeks old. We noticed that he loved our home baking and we began our journey of creating dog treats and more recently pet fashion and accessories.

Swap Shop

Pre-Loved clothes

A swap shop is an event that gives you an opportunity to swap the clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear/ love with other people's clothes. It gives you a chance to restyle your wardrobe.

Bring your clean wearable ready to be loved by someone else, clothes, shoes and accessories. Men’s, women’s and kids clothes are accepted.

Exchange one-for-one with tokens. Browse the selection of pre-loved items.

Swap your tokens for your new wardrobe pieces. All leftovers will be donated to charity.

There will be a donation box if you run out of tokens. All items that did not get a second chance will be donated to a local charity shop after the event.


Irish organic kids clothing

AAMcEvoy is an award-winning luxury Irish organic clothing brand for babies and children aged 0-3years. All of our products are designed and crafted in Ireland using super soft certified organic cloth. We focus on quality, craftsmanship and super soft cloth. AAMcEvoy are future heirlooms.

Green Outlook

100% natural products

A fantastic range of plastic free and 100% natural products. Whether you’re trying to become more sustainable or are no stranger to zero waste, Green Outlook has something that will suit your needs. Fiona has spent time sourcing the best Irish and European suppliers to help Irish people reduce their use of single use plastic items and transition to natural products. Our range includes oral care, haircare, body care, reusable razors, coffee cups, shopping bags, produce bags, menstrual cups, reusable straws, cutlery and more.

Jacinta Hughes

Botanical Artist

Airfield has made me welcome as Artist in Residence, where I create botanical art from plants grown in the gardens. In this series I am painting a variety of plants, often, and over time, aware that they are our beautiful connection to history, mythology, and science – endlessly intriguing!



Toothfaerie is an organic, food grade, vegan and zero waste and sustainably sourced toothpaste designed to heal gums and remineralise teeth

Irish Seed Savers

Seed Bank

Irish Seed Savers Association has been in operation since 1991 originating from an ambitious effort to create a central store of food crop seeds and fruit trees where none had previously existed. Curating the country’s public seed bank of 600 varieties of heritage food seed and the country’s 180 varieties of heritage apple trees, our work has expanded over the years to include an education and outreach remit to not only connect more people to our work, but also to ensure the protection of these collections for the future. With the growing focus on climate action, reducing carbon footprint and striving for greater biodiversity sustainability, our work addresses these areas by growing and making available collections of our plant genetic resources (visit, making them available for people to grow in their homes and communities, ensuring protection of our food crop heritage for now and future generations.

The Kind

Zero Waste Store

We curate sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products that are both kind to you and kind to the environment, from the very best local and international independent retailers. Find all the tools you need to reduce your environmental impact and live a more zero waste lifestyle.



Simple Sustainable Shopping

Feeling like you can’t do anything about it. As the Evocco team watched the signing of the Paris Agreement back 2015 they felt a mix of hope and despair. Yes, for the first time the countries of the world had agreed to take collective action to limit global warming, but was it going to be enough? What could we do as individuals to take meaningful action?

Evocco set out to build a tool to make it easier than ever before to track our individual impacts and reduce them over time. And what better place to start than food? It accounts for a massive 26% of global emissions and is something we make decisions on three times a day every single day - the perfect setting for building a new behaviour.

Cool Food School

Healthy eating for kids

At The Cool Food School, we bring the joy of healthy eating to children through fun, interactive, creative workshops. Kids get to chop, peel, smell, feel, roll, squirt, squeeze and even eat food in our workshops!

Ethi Cart

Making sustainability simpler

If you want to shop more sustainably but lack time to research and a place to get the information you need, EthiCart enables and empowers you to buy products that align with your values.

Eco Conscious Living

Ecofriendly products & lifestyle

Ecoconscious Living aims to inspire individuals and families to take small steps to reduce their environmental impact and start their journey to a more ecofriendly, healthier and happier lifestyle. As a Mum of two young boys, the founder Paula Butler, takes a practical rather than a purist approach!

Seal Rescue Ireland

Charity decicated to rescue

Seal Rescue Ireland is a charity organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned seals from Ireland's coast.

Living Lightly in Ireland


Living Lightly in Ireland is a blog rich in all the information and inspiration you need to live a more sustainable life.


Local sustainable food

Find local, sustainable food direct from farmers on our Fair Food Map. Discover how you can take action on climate, biodiversity and more through your food choices.

Festival of Food

7th & 8th September